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A Russian journalist send me this about Azov. Is just incredible.

Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

Alex (Repin, Leonid Viktorovich)

Alex - he's Leonid Repin '32 05/19/73 (date of birth.)
registered: Saint-Petersburg, Oktyabrskaya nab. 80 / 2, apt 34.
Telephone 8-812-446-66-33 (or 8-812-44-666-33)

Artemov (Artemov Dmitry)

Artemov, Dmitri V.
Date of Birth: 15-Feb-1976
Residence: Moscow, st. Pleasing, 9 square meters. 51
Tel. landline.: (495) 9075514
Sun Service: Yes
judge: No
Drives. Yes, 77MH 020 895 05.06.1998g
Auto. : Prime Nissan - H972RA number 97
green, 98 year, VIN SJNFAAP11U0243890
Mother: Artemov / Korotkov 10/22/1951 Nadine, live in the same
Father: not checked
before it went to the "Golf" state. N438HV77 room (formerly a car owned by pedophile Tormasov information about it available on our website)

  • Zverozub (Update 2)

    It took seven months from the beginning of our investigation, "Lugansk, Crimea, Azov". Our main goal is achieved - the activity of "Azov Films' officially declared illegal. Moreover, the owners of "Azov Films" subject to criminal prosecution.Now you can name them:
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  • Austin (Sorokin, Maxim)

    Austin, aka patsack. It may also be submitted online under an assumed name "Maxim Sorokin."
  • Age: 46 years (2010)Resides: Dnepropetrovsk.
  • More ...
  • simeo

    simeo - owner pedofilskogo porn "literary" portal "Bl-lit", which collected the texts containing descriptions of sexual violence against children pedophiles. To disguise the criminal content of the site and give it the appearance of a legal, simeo resorted to an unusual method of presentation.

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  • Zverozub (Supplement)

    By publishing a dossier on Rusanov , we knew that this story will be continued.We expect to hear words of support from our many readers, and we were right!Thanks to everyone for their solidarity with us!
    We were not surprised by the desperate assaults of pedophiles on our site for such a development we are always ready. During the years of struggle with pedophiles we've seen a lot of us all and it is difficult to impress than ever.However, we have assumed that soon we'll get new material, through which all who still doubt the validity of our conclusions about Rusanov, will be forced to reconsider.
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  • Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

    Zverozub - aka Igor Rusanov (born 1957), Simferopol, Ph.D., associate professor of tourism Tauride National University. VI V

  • fRusanov - one of the leaders of the legal wing of the party pedofilskoy. Positions itself as a "local history" and a great connoisseur of the Crimean sights. In addition Rusanov headed the so-called "scout" movement of the Crimea. In fact, all these seemingly decorous session no more than a smokescreen, a cover for another, the dark side o its activities.
    More ...

Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

Why Rusanov takes it all? For his own amusement? Or for his fellow pedophiles? The answer is easily found on the infamous site of "Azov-Films", which sells, among others under the guise of "legal" and movies Rusanov. Thus, the interest nezdrovy Rusanov filming naked boys are not just a "hobby" a pedophile, but a very successful "business." Circulation selling films not only brought fame and glory Rusanov of perverts, but it laid the basis not of small states. "Business" Rusanov - one of the key players of the international syndicate pedofilskogo under a common "roof" "Azov-Films". Rusanov - his Crimean branch, along with Lugansky, Western Ukrainian (Chernivtsi), Irkutsk (former "Baikal-Films"), Romanian and others. Main site "Azov-Films" and the headquarters of the syndicate in Canada (Toronto).
However, how many families in the Crimea in general and naturists are there many parents who agree that their children were filmed naked for the needs of pedophiles?A demand for such films is huge! And money, oh, how I want and as much as possible! And Rusanov found no other solution as easy to buy for the money boys. It is not easy to resist the temptation to quickly "earnings", especially when really want to have things that parents can not buy. And now comes "Uncle Igor," as if a magician "in the blue helicopter," and, looking at the naive child's eyes, with a charming smile says: here they are - your 'fairly earned' money. It remains only to take them and bury the "field of miracles" in the "country of fools" - and you will be a new and great and cool toys and a whole bunch of other interesting and wonderful!And will be a great vacation on the beautiful beaches of the Crimea in good company, "Scout," which leads the good-natured innocent Igor Rusanov! And in fact "earn" the money is very easy to do and to do almost nothing else - but only ...pants off in front of a camera and puffing on a command from the excitation of sweaty naked guy povertet slightly backwards! Another possible pobarahtatsya in sand or mud - such footage is also highly prized by pedophiles. It's nothing that unusual to tan the body of the imaginary "naturists" during the filming of the hot instantly obgorite Crimean sun. Never mind that then it will hurt to sit - for this inconvenience "Uncle Igor" will pay double! And even better to be prepared for such specific conditions of the filming, which must regularly visit a nudist beach! Then no problems and the money will flow a river! But most importantly - do not tell their parents about it! Otherwise, goodbye money and new toys!
And yet there were many such who "voluntarily" agreed: under the influence of promises, persuasion or fear of being branded a coward in the eyes of the already corrupted Rusanov boys. Not every kid is able to withstand in the closed yard disposal team. Many agreed to be taken only "for the company," not to look "black sheep". Rusanov well versed in child psychology and knows how to pick the "key" to such a seemingly unassailable adult yard gaggle of boys. First, choose one, preferably a leader with the makings of a leader, probe its weaknesses - what it can take and play on these weaknesses and corrupt - porn, expensive gifts and other means. Then this is for the leader pulls others - trying to persuade someone, someone to bully and those who are stronger than nature, buy it. In our time is bought and sold virtually all children and is perfectly aware, even more acutely than other adults.
Despite the absolute lack of talent, videos Rusanov very soon conquered the world market porn products for pedophiles. Many foreign and local pedophiles had conceived a passion for unrestrained zverozubovskim boys. Bribed their looseness and the apparent availability of a naked body - seemed to stretch out your hands and it's already in your arms. Rusanov not miss the opportunity to "earn" and this gradually turned much of his "business" in sex tourism to the wealthy vip-pedophiles. The pictures show one of these predators in the Crimea of ​​"scouts" Rusanov:
Vip-for pedophiles who are not satisfied with the field conditions, "the scout" camp, and try zverozubovskoy "zaychatinki" very desirable, Rusanov offers a "rest" on the bases of rest of the Crimea in the company of boys under the guise of various "holidays" and "events". The interiors of one of these databases - "Private estate Alimov Balka" easily guessed in many films Rusanov. Of course, outwardly it looks decently, all the forbidden hidden from prying eyes. But much of what is happening there, it can be understood in detail some of the frames:
In frame of the film Rusanov a special room with no windows, equipped with a huge bed, which occupies almost the entire space of the room. On the wall of a large mirror (behind the boy), obviously for those who like a chameleon eager to see what is happening in his bed at the same time in different projections.

Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

In addition, some phrases boys movie soundtrack Rusanov raise serious suspicions that pedophiles do not just use these kids as the "Model", but subject them to sexual violence.
Explanation movie soundtrack movie "Azov Films - Vladik Remembered Vol 2 DVD" (soundtrack )
- What is leave?

- I'm leaving ... will not hurt!

- Eggs beaten off, huh? (Laughter)

- And who else is going?
Obviously, the point is that the boys were paying not only for shooting but for something else. Those who "voluntarily" will pay more, only to be "hurt" and not all the boys is like.
Explanation movie soundtrack movie "Azov Films - Scenes from Crimea Vol.4 (2009)" ( soundtrack )
F. When you do an operation on the ass, what do you do there?

C. aah ...

F. (Repeats question) When you do an operation on the ass, what do you do there?

C. Chtoo?

F. (mimics) Chtooo?

C. What is the operation on my ass doing?

F. Obyknovenuyu.Chto doing?

C. I did surgery on the ass?

F. In Vlad.

S. Vlad I was doing surgery on the ass? Vladik us that a surgeon?

(He looks into the camera, which takes Shibanov)

F. Yes, his dick-URC (laughs)
Here, talk to two people: Alexander and Philip (Phil), this scene is a 71-minute film.The boys get up to mischief, especially Alexander and Philip decided to put some hurt on Sasha place, suggesting to him who he is. On the identity of Sasha is still much to be discussed below, but Phil - very easy to "remove" "in all senses," the boy whom pedophiles mention here:
For pedophiles amateur steam with the boys in the bath Rusanov also offers a wide range of "sexual services". One such place is familiar to many in the Crimea - is a restaurant "Grotto" in the business center in the street ul.Samokisha-18 in Simferopol:
Not everyone can afford pedophile "order" to his bed most of the stunning boys who smile trustingly to them in advertising on the site "Azov-Films". This "business" carefully disguised "tourism", "Scout," "naturism" and never advertised Rusanov. But all the secret sooner or later become known.
The first alarm bell was sounded in 2001 after a visit to the Crimea famous German pedophile Otto Lomyullera which Rusanov invited me to visit. Later Lomyulleru took a lot of effort and money to hush up the case. Rusanov helped to escape responsibility are the most influential vip-pedophiles, that he "entertained" (though not disinterested) famous for its boys. Among these vip-freaks a lot of very big names, the announcement which will inevitably cause a huge scandal in the Crimea and elsewhere. It is not excluded that these individuals can take steps to eliminate unwanted Rusanov as a witness. If this happens, this will be a natural result of the end of "business" Rusanov.
However, we will not hurry up and mention so far only one person involved who has long been known as a pedophile. We are talking about a famous porn photographer Krivon (Sting) - also known as Alexander P. Krivonogov (b. 1958, Munich):
As well as the "Azov-Films" Krivonogova firm in Germany "Krivon-Image International" selling pedophile movie Rusanov, while the author was called in the credits the logo "ZZ" (short for nickname "ZveroZub"). These photographs storyboard fragment of one of the films Rusanov:
During filming, forcing the boys to undress Rusanov goals before the winter snow and this brutal procedure is not a continuation of the bath. The boy arrived on a bicycle, his clothes and shoes lying next to the snow nearby and there is no bath. His jerky movements suggest that the boy was very cold, he shivers and to freeze on his feet tucked under them something from the clothing. With one hand, removing the panties, he clings to the other branches, but loses his balance and falls. Any normal person be horrified, looking at these pictures. How does a stone heart should be Rusanov, if he is quietly shot on video! But pedophiles only excite the child's agony - the greater the suffering the downtrodden child, the more orgasms a pedophile. In pursuit of pleasure fanatical fantasy Rusanov knows no boundaries. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to stamp Krivonogov brand your company to this video abomination and it is not surprising - after all Krivonogov also a pedophile and knows what it is like pedophiles and for that they are willing to pay big money.

Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

However, apart from "business" and Rusanov Krivonogova bound and much more.Krivonogov personally used repeatedly vip-"services" Rusanov, and by the very highest "category" - it "served" is not some random boys, bought at the station, a "superstar" zverozubovskoy "antalogii" - Vlad Shibanov. These facts are well known in pedofilskoy coterie, that's what they write in one of the pedophiles in closed forums:
No accident that footage from many films opening Vladik Rusanov issued Krivonogova - Vlad drew his much larger than the other boys Rusanov. In 2009, Vlad Shibanov died tragically in a car crash under mysterious circumstances.
His death - a serious blow to the "business" Rusanov. Vladik Shibanov continued to work on Rusanov and after grown up and ceased to interest pedophiles as human merchandise. He acted as a pimp, providing for new Rusanov "kadidatov" in the "super star". In many films you can see Rusanov already grown-Shibanova with boys much younger than him. In these frames come together once the two "super star" Rusanov: Vladik Shibanov and Sasha - a generational change in the vip-brothel Rusanov occurs continuously.
For former and current "merit" to the firm Rusanov vip-pedophiles even given a brand new foreign car Shibanov, where he crashed. That just was not whether the accident adjusted? Because it occurred, according to witnesses literally out of thin air, where nothing was of noise and does not constitute a potential danger.
Perhaps the secret of this tragedy will remain undisclosed. We note only that Rusanov was quite capable of silencing his former "super star". Established that the son is a member of Rusanov known in the Crimea organized crime, which it uses for its own purposes for protection "business" test. However, as will treat the Crimean thieves to their involvement in the "six" to such a dirty "business" - the big question.In the criminal community its unwritten "taboo" and the exclusion of child sexual abuse - one of them. In any case, the sudden death "heart attack" in St. Petersburg pedophile Konovalov, "Crosses", confirms this. Rusanov and have something to lose except his rotten "business" in children's tears, but what other than "heart attack" in the camera shot or hit man can make him stay?
In the meantime, Rusanov continues its dirty work and recruiting of new victims.The pictures show the new "superstar" - Sasha, who was a porn site "Azov-Films" spins under the alias "Buratino":
It was Sasha poses in the most obscene movies Rusanov, shots of which are given at the beginning of this article:
Judging from these shots, Rusanov completely lost all sense of reality and can no longer restrain their baser instincts. He not only possessed by pathological voyeurism, but the boys attempting to impose unnatural for the future of the mentality of a man of habit, seeking to inspire their immoral beliefs and immoral targets. And even the hairstyle chosen by Sasha them at the instigation of Rusanov not accidental, but as is commonly believed to pedofilskoy coterie - "a spartan" boy straight hair in front and behind. According to pedophiles ancient Greece was an almost pedofilskoe state, where they could seduce boys with impunity. Strongly inflating the myth, pedophiles at the same time forget that all the freaks in Sparta ruthlessly destroyed - were thrown from the cliffs into the abyss.

Zverozub (Igor Rusanov)

Another very typical of pedophiles technique - disguise "centerfold" in the ridiculous, totally inappropriate for boys suits. In order to get as much pleasure to itself and its products to consumers, pedophiles, child pornofotografy seek to humiliate in any way, which often disguise themselves as boys in suits for girls. Rusanov but not limited to only this technique and made Sasha put right on a naked body suit ...monkey! Obviously Rusanov would love to make boys men into monkeys, that they finally lost the ability to be ashamed of and meekly gave his body to demand a pedophile.
On the storyboard of the film dressed as Sasha first monkey, then changes into another costume. Later in the frame there is a new "actor" in a suit and begins to squeeze the monkey Sasha. In the role of the "monkeys", according to the growth, muscles and ease with which he raises the boy, apparently an adult man. His movements are far from the habits of monkeys in nature, his goal the other - to show the camera all the "charms" the boy in the angles, unusual for a spoiled porno viewer to attract more potential buyers. The same monkey suit is used for entertainment Rusanov clients based on it, "Alimov beam":
Until recently, vacationers here could hardly guess that's going on behind closed doors of some rooms, "Alimova beams" and other recreation. Crimean media have sounded the alarm and drew attention to the public and law enforcement agencies to the dark side of Zverozuba-Rusanov:
Publications Crimean first information-analytical newspaper , in which Rusanov, for obvious reasons mentioned under the assumed name of "Ice Axe" is not only caused a wide resonance in the social circles of the Crimea, but the fierce reaction of pedophiles:
No doubt she will be able to Julia Israfilova adequately respond to the above-cited fangs pedophilia. We do our part we recall the obvious to everyone (except for child molesters) is the truth. Hell for the children create pedophiles and they break the psyche and the fate of their children. All the "it" got out out long before there were first published in the press and our stuff. Movies Rusanov, which are quoted, has long sold on the site "Azov-Films", so pedophiles better look in the mirror if they want to see real culprits scandal. We only have reduced the long-known facts together, and added quite a bit of information from some closed pedofilskih forums for readers to once again convinced that lies behind seemingly good-looking masks pedophiles.
Apparently realizing that the project "Azov-Films" exhausted its possibilities, its creators have discovered a new porn site "EuroWold Studios" with the same content as the previous. In this, pedophiles have attempted to cover up the traces: incriminating articles in the press about the activities of "Azov-Films" Pedophiles have announced the machinations of the mythical "competitors" who discovered "EuroWold Studios". In fact, the owners of "Azov-Films" and "EuroWold Studios" are the same person.
The harder the pedophiles away from punishment for their crimes, the more abundant they vilify anyone who opposes them. The threats that come against our allies in the Crimea, which once again proves that Rusanov and his company have something to hide from justice. Pathetic attempts cowardly bastards pedofilskih any price to save their own skins are doomed to failure. These bad people we have always called by name and call everybody to know them in person.

This is the link of this article of 5 pages from a Russian Newspaper:

I wish with my whole heart, that kids and parents open your eyes and avoid all this sickness to get to your kids.

Love you all.
A hug to every kid.


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